Who was I again?

I am a part of everything I’ve seen, done and want. Part of me is in everyone I’ve met and know. Thus the importance raised by the complexity of the question of “Who am I?”. There is no true answer, yet everything you know and see forms the outcome of the quest.

It’s just the beginning

"Make out like it never happened, and that we were nothing…" 
No this quote does not have any significance to the post I am writing.





Anything but love…

It’s been a hectic week, but the next one will be even “better”. It’s funny how we enjoy after all. It’s this weird sense of a mutated form of sadism. Not sadism really, nor masochism, but how if something is more and more painful its just as pleasurable.
We love being teased, taunted, bothered. Sometimes…

Sure you can take all the party out of life, but you can’t take the life out of the party if there was one. Here come the cheers for the weekend to come, and the time to go as quickly as possible, but stay still at the same time.

We don’t want gossip. But we want something new. We don’t want pain, but we seek pleasure. It’s funny really, that sense of the paradox filling your desires. Every answer to every question you’ve asked.

Go on with your little world now. Enjoy the silence :) 

Told myself that you were right for me, but felt so lonely in your company…

One day…

Un giorno, troverò l’amore

Just the way you feel.

3 posts for one day, somebody call the guys from Guinness’ book of records. It is just the easiest way to express how you feel and I have a lot to say right now. While enjoying the sound of pure awesomeness, the words of Regina Spektor and Coldplay filling up my head, makes it feel like heaven. Even though the thoughts are stuck in limbo. It has been a truly weird day. One of those days when you think you did something but in the end it turns out you just acted quite stupid. “Shake it off, let it go and forget about it…”. Yeah as if it were that easy :). Forget about being stupid, those kind of moments follow you like little evil dwarfs around reminding you of your epicness (in the bad way) and you just want to slap them off your shoulders.

"I hear in my mind all of these voices, I hear in my mind all of these words… I hear in my mind all of this music and it breaks my heart…" It truly does.

The last thing I should do now, is go shake it off, let it go and forget about it. I am the person beyond my problems. I gave my best, I didn’t get what I want, but it never means I will stop trying.

'Til next time :) 

Il lato oscuro non ho mai conosciuto che avevo…

Is it?

I guess it’s true intuition doesn’t lie. You feel what is going to happen but you push on to get the best outcome. You don’t. It’s an awful thing to say, but it’s a messed up, full of s#it world. You don’t get what you want and it should never be a surprise. But always put a smile on your face, ‘cause even though the little things matter, what matters the most is you being happy. So be happy!! Turn around and say: Fuck you, I’m happy! And you are :) It’s as simple as that. Go out and have fun, manage your time, do some workout, eat gelato even if it’s freezing cold outside, dive in the sea and you’ll get your courage back. Do anything that will make you happy so you can say it always when you mean it. BE HAPPY! Work hard, live better, have fun, and socialize. It sounds impossible to do all these things but once you get the hang of it, it is going to happen. So, I’m off to do the stuff I just wrote about.

Trying to be happy is sometimes very hard, it hurts, but once you become happy, there is nothing stopping you on doing whatever the hell you want!!!